Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have two dogs right now zacky is my favorite one. my brother apparently loves my other dog teddy.
zacky is my favorite dog cause he's sweet and he never bites except when you're hurting him of course.
as I was saying I like him the most cause he sleeps with me and  licks my face when I have night mares
but one day when I was playing out side in the snow he wondered of and he was gone for 3 days, I was so
worried, but on the third day we went to the pound and he was there! lucky huh.but the reason why I don't like teddy so much is because he jumps on people, he's huge, and he grows way to fast it's bugging me wouldn't bug you? I mean he was so cute even see for your self. but I didn't say I didn't like him.

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